Whether called “Radish or Carrot”, this “Rivaz” we the small people will change , people should remember the story of the Goliath and David: Jairam


Only BJP can solve the problem of OPS: Jai Ram Thakur. Congress is misleading people for political gains. The work done in the last five years is more than any other term of the Congress in himachal. After Atal ji, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took care of the interests of Himachal Pradesh.
Some people said that the big leaders could not change the Rivaz, then how could a first time CM Jai Ram Thakur could ??? ” Kis khet ki mooli hai” ? Whether you us radish ( mooli ) or carrot ( Gajar) , but we low profile small people will surely change the Rivaz. This was stated by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur while addressing a public meeting in Nurpur under the Vijay Sankalp Abhiyan. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Sunday campaigned for BJP candidate Hansraj in Churah, Neelam Nayyar in Chamba and Ranveer Singh Nikka in Nurpur assembly of Kangra district. The Chief Minister said that we have done whatever could have been done to protect the interests of the employees. Only “Bharatiya Janata Party can solve the issue of OPS”. Congress is working to mislead people only for political gains.
The Chief Minister said that the prime minister on 13 October has left the deep impression in the historic rally held at Chamba (Chaugan Maidan). The Chief Minister said that despite the difficult conditions during his tenure of five years, he worked closely for the poor people. We have delivered tap water house to house and waived the water bills. We also relieved Poor people from the tension of treatment. Targeting the Congress, he said, that there are allegations that the present government has taken the loan. When our government came to the power, a loan of 50 thousand crores was left by the congress on the State. Our government had taken the loan only during the Covid period, but at the time of Congress there was no Covid, then why they took so much loan.
‘Congress could not do work for the poor’
The Chief Minister said that Congress could not provide employment to 5000 people during its tenure, but our government gave employment to more than 60 thousand people. During their tenure, congress did nothing for the poor. Congress remained in power not once but number of times, then why they did not start pension for the elderly people of the age of 60 years. Who stopped them from giving gas stove to every house. Who stopped them from giving financial help for the marriage of daughters of poor family. We are providing free treatment under Himcare and Ayushman scheme. Congress never thought about the poor.


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