BJP : The objective of BJP is the welfare of the people and the upliftment of every section of society: Mohit Sood


Employees honorarium increased from 50 to 400 percent in the last 5 years.
Congress relies on false guarantees and promises to lure voters.
While addressing the press, Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson and District media in-charge Mohit Sud said that the BJP government is a Pro-Poor government, he said that the BJP increased the honorarium of different sections of employees. It reflects the seriousness and dedication of the BJP government which has always been working to uplift every section of society. During the tenure of the BJP, the honorarium of the workers working in various government schemes has been increased from 50 to 300 percent. This shows the clarity of policy execution and intention of the BJP government.
He put forth the comparative details of the honorarium given to different sections of employees during the BJP and the previous governments. He told that the honorarium of Anganwadi workers was Rs 4500 during the time of the previous government, which has been increased to Rs 9 thousand by the present government. This increase is 100 percent. Mini Anganwadi workers used to get Rs 3,000 in the past, currently, they are taking Rs 6100. Anganwadi helpers are gotten Rs 2100 in the past and Rs 4700 at present. This increase is more than 100 percent. ASHA workers are taking honorariums of Rs 1 thousand in the past and Rs 4700 at present. This increase is more than 400 percent.
Sewing teachers are gotten Rs.6300 in the past and Rs.7950 at present, mid-day meal workers are gotten Rs.2000 in the past and Rs.3500 at present.
Jal-Vahak (Education Department) in the past Rs 2 thousand and at present Rs 3900, Para Fitter / Pump Operator in the past Rs 3000 and at current Rs 5500, Outsourced worker Rs 6300 in the past and 10500 at present, Panchayat Chowkidar Rs 4150 in the past and presently 6500 in, Revenue Chowkidar Rs 3 thousand in the past and Rs 5 thousand at present, Revenue Labandar Rs 1500 In past and Rs 3200 at present, Jal Rakshak were getting Rs 2800. Now they are getting Rs 3500, MTW (Jal Shakti) were getting Rs. 3 thousand rupees and currently they are getting 3900.
All these facts prove that the BJP government is close to the poor and will continue to work for their welfare and upliftment, the BJP government has increased the honorarium of people in every field and has worked to improve the standard of living of every section of the society.


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