Solan News : Mohini Sood became the President of Inner Wheel Club – took over the command of the head at the youngest age.

    Mohini Sood became the President of Inner Wheel Club Solan - took over the command of the head at the youngest age

    The ceremony of Inner Wheel Club Solan City was celebrated with pomp. During this, Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Rashmidhar Sood participated as the chief guest with Zonal Club Coordinator Savita Bhalla.

    The program started with lighting of the lamp, Saraswati Vandana, and prayer by Inner Wheel Club Solan with the ribbon cutting of the decorated exhibitions inaugurated by the chief guest. The chief guest highly appreciated the items prepared by the rural women in the exhibition. The stage operation of the program was done by Kanchan Jaswal.

    During the ceremony, Rohini Sood gave a detailed introduction to the newly appointed president Mohini Sood. Rashimdhar Sood and members of the club honored the newly appointed president Mohini Sood by wearing a collar, pin, and memento.

    The team was welcomed by the newly appointed President Mohini Sood, Secretary Shivika Gupta, Treasurer Neeta Agarwal, ISO Simpli Kholi, and Club Editor Anu Kiro by wearing pins.
    During the program, office bearers and members of various organizations honored the newly appointed head Mohini Sood, including Rotary Club Solan, Rotary Club Solan City, Innerwheel Club Solan, Innerwheel Club Solan Midtown, Sood Sabha Solan, Kangra Hamirpur Friendship Sabha Solan and other organizations of the city.

    The office bearers of Innerwheel Club Solan City congratulated the newly appointed President Mohini on taking charge. During the program, Rashim Dhar Sood released Innerwheel Club Solan City’s Manifesto Man Ki Patrika Part-1 in this program.

    Rashim Dhar Sood said young Mohini Sood that has emerged as an inspiration for other girls by becoming the head of the first youngest age inner wheel organization. She said that the work done by Mohini Sood towards society is highly commendable.

    She said that she would try that young Mohini Sood would be honored for her excellent work in Bharatiya Janata Party’s women’s honor ceremony and about 1 lakh women from different countries have joined the Inner Wheel organization which is contributing to social service at the global level. It is a matter of great pride that young Mohini Sood has set an example by becoming the youngest head of this institution. She said that she hopes that Mohini will work for the upliftment of society during her tenure and establish a new dimension by taking along the women of her club and the girls of the newly appointed club Innerwheel Solan Shakti established by Innerwheel Club Solan City.

    During the swearing-in ceremony, Mohini Sood said that she will work with fairness and honesty in the post of President of Innerwheel Club Solan City. Mohini Sood said that she gives credit for her success to her parents. She said that she has been able to reach this stage today because of the trust of her parents and also urged the parents of all the girls to encourage their daughters to move forward.

    Mohini Sood’s father Ashok Sood and mother Sushma Sood said that they are feeling very proud that their daughter has achieved this feat at such a young age.

    On this occasion, Past District Chairman Sangeeta Trehan, Zonal Club Coordinator Savita Bhalla, Shivika Gupta, Neeta Aggarwal, Kanchan Jaswal, Meenu Chauhan, Madhu Thakur, Annu, Vandana Sharma, Richa Battu other members of the club were also present. Inner Wheel Club expresses gratitude to all the members of Solan City.


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