Santosh Samant : “Bullying is a serious issue, that can lead to someone’s  Death , Especially for children .

"Bullying is a serious issue, that can lead to someone's death, especially for children."

Bullying may be viewed as insignificant and easy to overlook, but bullying is not a harmless act and can have serious consequences, including leading to someone’s death. Bullying and Teasing is often dismissed or not taken seriously in various settings like schools, public places, and even at home. Sadly, many children face abuse and bullying from a young age, yet these issues are not given the attention they deserve. This lack of awareness and action can allow such behaviors to escalate into more severe crimes such as sexual abuse and harassment. Children are often hesitant to speak up about these things due to various factors.
1.The first reason: If they tell anyone about the crimes and wrong things that happened to them , then it is taken very lightly and ignored.

2 The second reason: there is so much pressure from the Bullies and offenders And they are threatened ,And they are also given death threats sometimes , which completely ruins the mental health of a child

It has been observed that even in many schools things like bullying ,and any kind of abuse or harrsement are taken very lightly and no action is taken against the culprits.

Consequence of bullying

1: children commit suicide and are forced to take their own lives.

In India, there should be strict laws and punishment for crimes like teasing, bullying etc. so that in future no child is forced to commit suicide.

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